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From the CPS email Inbox

  • David Robinson

    I can honestly say in my 20+ years in the industry I have never worked with software (or a company) that is even close to you. Every glitch that I encounter is because of something we have done, not a glitch in the software. I know that sound odd but if you knew the world we lived in prior to this, you would know what I am talking about.

    Although we have only been going two months, I am 1000% thrilled with the quality, ease of operation and support we get from you and your team. I would be happy to write a testimonial for your sales team once things slow down a little.

    Have an awesome weekend and talk to you soon!

    David Robinson
    Executive Director of Golf Operations
    Silverwing Links Golf Course

  • Gary S. Brueggman

    I am writing you in regards to a staff member of yours, namely Kevin Shea. Kevin has been working with me to solve a problem caused by a over ring of one of my employees that caused an entire day of credit card charges not to be processed.

    Kevin has gone above and beyond to help me solve this problem. He is always polite and conducts himself in a very professional manner.

    He is a real asset to your company and it is a pleasure to work with him.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Gary S. Brueggman
    General Manager
    Hickory Heights Golf Club

  • Kathy E. Shepley

    My name is Kathy Shepley, It was I whom originally contacted you in search of a new operating system for the golf course at Little River Inn. I want to share a bit of the experience Myself and my staff has had since the first day of training until now. A short few weeks since going live.

    As you know our property has some unique challenges concerning integration etc. That's not what I want to talk about. I would like to say how happy Me and my staff are with your product! Every day we are more pleased with our choice. We also want to thank Rich Mottura, He has been professional, knowledgeable and patient through this entire process- During some challenging situations to say the least... I and we so appreciate the hard work Rich put in while he was here and the continued support up to this day.

    Having support like this is something that was non existent for us with our old software.. Myself and staff are excited to continue on with CPS and I just wanted to thank you all and let you know a little about the Golf side of things here at Little River Inn.

  • Mike Mazzaferri, PGA

    Thanks again for enlightening me recently. We've committed to produce a new website and look forward to utilizing the new stuff you guys have put together so well. Operating a golf facility in today's business environment is not easy and we truly appreciate your forward thinking, all the enhancements and how hard you guys work to stay ahead of the trends. And thank you for the very professional treatment we get from your entire team on a day to day basis.

    Please use me as a reference anytime.

    Mike Mazzaferri, PGA
    Sierra Sage Golf Course
    6355 Silver Lake Rd.
    Reno, NV 89506
    Phone (775) 972-1564

  • Dan Breslin

    After using EZlinks for ten years , Club Prophet made the transition to their POS system seamless. The Golf industry will eventually come to their senses and eliminate all 3rd Party POS providers and jump on the Club Prophet train. Can I buy some Stock???

  • David D. Taylor

    Nathan. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that everything at Stoney Creek went smoothly with the installation and that Ed did a really nice job. Over the years, we have installed many systems and Ed was one of the best that we have had. Thanks for all your help and we look forward to the next installation at Sapona Ridge. I will get you a few date options hopefully this week and we can keep the ball rolling. Thanks again. David

    David D. Taylor
    Managing Partner/President
    Pinnacle Golf Properties
    1115 E Morehead Street, Suite 200
    Charlotte, NC 28204

  • Rich Sayers

    Hi Tom,
    I must tell you – you were right! Ed was not only informative, professional, prepared and knowledgeable, he was a pleasure to be around. He worked well with all our staff and he is a tremendous asset to Club Prophet. If you can just get him to root for different sports teams we would invite him up more often!

    Oh, and it was great to meet you as well at the Industry show!

    Looking forward to working with Club Prophet for years to come. Thanks again.

    Rich Sayers
    General Manager
    Anchorage Golf Course

  • J.P. Ringer, PGA

    Hi Tom. Just wanted to let you know that we had a server go down last week. On a Sunday evening, your staff switched us to the cloud and had us back up and running in no time. They helped me with the purchasing specs for a new server and then did the switchover this morning. During the whole process, we had less than an hour downtime and only missed a sale or two. The tech support was fantastic. I know I’m going to miss a name or misspell one but a big thank you to Jonathan, Alex, Justin, Kristy and …... You and your company really know how important it is to stay “up and running” and do all of this with class and professionalism. I can’t thank you all enough for making our lives easier!!

    J.P. Ringer, PGA
    General Manager/Director of Golf
    Shadowmoss Plantation Golf Club

  • Jeannie Williams

    I just wanted to let you know how helpful Rich Mottura has been to me since I started with Glen Flora in Nov 2014.

    I do call the help desk, but if something I know will take time and some explaining I will e-mail Rich asking for a time he can help me.

    Rich has always been very kind, professional, and patient. Rich also goes into detail with why something is done a certain way and how to do it.

    Rich has always been there to help me in whenever I have an issue. If he is not available he will forward me to someone that will help and follow up that my issue was resolved.

    Today I took 3 ½ hours of his time on a project I could of never done on my own.

    Just thought CPS should know what a special employee they have.

    Merry Christmas

    Thank you
    Jeannie Williams
    Club Administrative Assistant
    Glen Flora Country Club

  • Glen Kirk

    Glen Kirk just called to say thank you for a job well done! They went live today and are thrilled with the great service every step along the way. He is sending 4 pizzas for everyone involved today!

  • Bob Seganti

    Hello Rick,
    Hope all is well. Thank you for your service and solution. I have always appreciated your company and your team members. They are awesome! Cory is on the job. Have a great weekend!


  • Russ Dawson

    Good Day Tom,
    I am sending you a quick note to say how much The Golf Club at Devils Tower appreciates the new addition with Club Prophet POS!

    Since the week of install by Alex, our staff has been so comfortable training and understanding the system that makes our jobs that much easier.

    Alex Cosentino did a tremendous job throughout and should receive many “ Gold “ stars for his efforts ….no doubt.

    The support and answered questions since this conversion has been superb. Great job to all and keep it up!

    Thanks again to Alex once again for his efforts!!!!…..AWESOME!!!!

    Russ Dawson
    Membership Director

  • Ralph Rowe

    The town of Braintree is in the process of fighting Active/Golf Channel over the terms of the termination of our contract. Keeping that in mind, our legal counsel has asked me to inquire as to exactly what Club Prophet’s termination policy is, in the unlikely event that we have to part ways in the future. Our legal folks, as well as the golf course staff, need to be fully aware of what these terms are. From all that I can tell, our contract states that you would need a 30 day written notice before termination would take place. Is that an accurate statement, Tom?

    Aside from that issue, I’d like to mention what a pleasure it has been to work with so many folks from your organization. Everyone has been as pleasant as they are professional making this transition a true pleasure. I’m not sure what I’m enjoying most, working side by side with your techs or the quality and functionality of your software. You have no idea how much our team is looking forward to working with your system.

    Ralph Rowe
    Pro Shop Staff
    Braintree Municipal Golf Course

  • John Bortz Jr.

    My family has owned Cable Hollow Golf Course since 1972, and we have seen many changes in the industry during that time. One thing is certain in today's golf market: if you're an operator committed to marketing and technology, you can thrive if you have the right partner. Club Prophet Systems is that partner.

    There are many providers out there offering their version of a technology solution, and I've looked at all of them. CPS offers a scalable platform with features that will grow your operation into a market leader. The more you learn about the program, the more features you can employ to serve your customers. CPS has been a part of our operation for over 15 years. From ease-of-use, pricing, and customer support, no one can touch them.

    John Bortz Jr., Club Manager, Cable Hollow Golf Club


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