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    Private and Semi-Private Facilities

Software Solutions For Private and Semi-Private facilities

At Club Prophet Systems, we understand the unique challenges of running a private or semi-private club: billing members, tracking inventory, managing events and so much more. That’s why we’ve developed a complete suite of software solutions to help you effectively manage every aspect of your club.

Club Prophet Systems, saves you time by eliminating hours of paperwork. It helps you enhance member service and maximize facility usage. Club Prophet Systems, helps improve overall member satisfaction. Just as important, we take great lengths to ensure our software is easy to use — and easy to integrate with other programs.

We provide full service implementation, effective training and expert after-sale customer support to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

10 of the Many Benefits for Private and Semi-Private Clubs

  • Point-of-Sale Ease-of-Use is top priority behind the counter, process fees and merchandise quickly and accurately using Club Prophet Systems software and a Touch Screen Monitor and “trigger-less” bar code scanner! Resorts can use Club Prophet Systems to bill room charges or to integrate with your hospitality or Property Management system.
  • High Speed Credit Card Authorization – Process credit cards in 3 seconds directly through Club Prophet’s POS system. This system is truly faster than cash and eliminates all possibilities for user error.
  • Electronic Tee Sheets – Club Prophet Systems offers several tee sheet software options to meet the needs of your facility. We have developed multiple tee sheet products ourselves to offer different options to different types of clubs
  • Internet Tee Times – Allow players to book tee times without interrupting your staff by booking times on the Internet.
  • Member Management Database – With Club Prophet Systems, tracking each of your member’s accounts — including charges, payments, and event winnings — has never been easier. Sales transactions are automatically posted from the POS and the member billing becomes a matter of printing statements whenever it is convenient for you. Options are available for billing directly through Club Prophet Systems, integrating with our Clubhouse accounting software, or exporting the data to a variety of accounting packages and industry standard club billing systems. Our Member Account module also lets you store photos of members and their dependents and track member profiles and preferences, automate and re-occurring charges, process mass billings on demand, and much more.
  • Customer Loyalty Program – Allow customers to accumulate loyalty points as they make purchases or use your facilities. Club Prophet Systems allows you the flexibility of designing your own loyalty program that suits the needs of your facility.
  • Inventory – Regain control of your merchandise inventory using Club Prophet Systems software – bar coding with high-speed label printing, real-time inventory tracking, purchase order system, optional hand held data collector for performing physical inventory, extensive reporting capabilities and much more.
  • Accounting/Billing – Our General Ledger and Accounting System interface combines your golf shop and restaurant revenue centers into one centralized accounting and billing system.
  • Food & Beverage – Provides Point-of-Sale, Back Office and Enterprise Software Solution for table service or quick service restaurants.
  • Credit Books – Within Club Prophet Systems,, each member account has an electronic credit book. Club Prophet Systems, distinguishes between the sale items that are eligible to use pro shop credit based on user-defined criteria. You also have the option to let the member use credit toward any outstanding account balance or restrict credit book use to future sales only. You can produce detailed credit book reports anytime to show the credit book activity. We also support Pre-Paid and Smart Card accounts for buying clubs and tracking punch pass items electronically.