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    Customer Billing

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    Customer Billing

Private and Semi-Private clubs have unique needs that no off the shelf commercial application can handle. With a myriad of membership offerings and their associated dues, Food and Beverage minimums and the much aligned assessments along with typical golf, merchandise and F&B purchases often with various levels of member only discounts charged to the members account, Customer Billing is one of the most challenging aspects for a golf club. Not to mention late fees, finance charges, inquires, statement mailings, payment postings and often all of this done by part time help or someone that multi-tasks this with other responsibilities.

CPS offers a basic billing package for those that just need to bill for membership or yearly pass as well as a full billing package to handle just about anything you can throw at, including billing cycles for dues, minimums, recurring charges and assessments.

The Club Prophet Management System uses a central Microsoft SQL database so that sales transactions are posted to members ledger in real time. Batch posting of Dues, Assessments and Minimums posted at defined times so that they fall in order where you want them (ie, if the end of the month is on a Sunday, you can run the batch the following Monday or Tuesday and post it on that Sunday). If you make a mistake along the way you can back out the entire batch, fix what is missing and re-submit.

We give you the option of On-Line Statements that allow your customers to view and pay their bill online. They can drill down to the exact details of any sale in question and easily email your office with a reference to any ticket in question for easy lookup. They can print out their current and prior statements and even pay the bill online. This can eliminate postage, paper, printing fees and time to assemble it all. Of course you can also print and mail statements if you like.

Statement Samples