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    Customer Management

Feature Rich. Easy to Use.

Whether your facility is completely public, fully private, or somewhere in between – the best customer is an existing customer. Club Prophet Systems gives you the tools to treat each customer as a VIP.

The Customer Management module can track each POS transaction to a specific customer. This is an important concept for tracking who your core customers are as well as those who have defected or you have acquired. This also can identify those who are truly your best customers.

The Customer Management module features a complete history of every sales transaction for the customer. For private clubs a complete system to manage membership dues, assessments, and F&B minimums. For all facility types features include season pass holders, loyalty programs, credit books, prepaid programs, smart card tracking, gift cards, customer id cards, dependents and many more features that give you the ability to track all customer purchases and activity; allowing you to provide a complete professional billing system as well as an intelligent marketing tool to grow your business.