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    Email Marketing & Data Collection

He with the biggest database wins!

The Club Prophet Systems’ suite of applications is feature-rich in marketing tools that help you analyze your business and drive new business to your course. E-mail broadcasting and detailed analysis of your facility allow you to target customers and maximize your profit.

Email address as well as cell phone number for SMS drive the marketing machine. Club Prophet provides multiple touch points to help you gather this information.

Online Tee TIme and Lesson Reservations and Online Web-Stores collect the customer data and automatically populate your clubs database. If you don’t gather it there you have to option of getting it during Check-In for the golfer. No time for that? How about a Starter application on the first tee where the starter can verify that everyone has paid (real time access to the tee sheet). While doing so, gather the foursome for a photo on the first tee. Gather their email’s to send them the photo!

We also offer a Data Collect Kiosk. Strategically placed in one or more locations at your facility (as well as on your web site), this kiosk presents an offer and the CPS system validates the customers email and provides qualified customers with a certificate for the offer. Again you capture customer email address automatically.