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Building personal relationships with your customers may be the single most important factor in customer retention. Of course, you have all the factors that make your club a “hidden gem”. There is the great signature hole, the beautiful club house, the best burger on the planet, etc. But what makes every loyal member or customer brag about “their course” is they feel special when they there. They are treated well and held in high regard, they have many friends including the staff. Build a good relationship with your customer and you will retain them for a long time.
Mobile application lets you take your business to the customer. Imagine these two scenarios:

Mobile application lets you take your business to the customer. Imagine these two scenarios:

1) On a very busy Saturday morning a golfer Checks-In at the counter. The line is 8 deep and he is running late. He gets his turn to pay and your cashier, who has been trained well to collect customer data, asks for his name, phone number, email address, etc. So, you have just added a bit more frustration to a guy who is trying to get at least a few practice putts in before tee off.

2) With the CPS Mobile Starter App – The cashier asks for the player’s name, collects payment and sends the guy to the first tee. The line at the counter is short since the cashier is not doing all the data entry so the guy is quickly in and out of the shop and has a few minutes to warm up. On the Tee, he is greeted by a Starter with the CPS StarterHut Mobile App. The Starter verifies payment as this app is connected in real time to the tee sheet in the shop. He chats with the players, asks them to group together for a photo. Snaps the photo using the mobile iPad or tablet and says – “Great Picture! Give me your email addresses and I’ll send each of you a copy!” Everyone wins.  The starter can also mark players as “Tee’d Off, Made the Turn, Finished Play” for detailed round tracking back in the shop that include color-coded indicators showing on-time or running late thresholds.

Club Prophet has several mobile applications that give your staff the opportunity to interact with your customers without hiding behind the counter. In the F&B area table side ordering seeds up the entire process as tickets are printing in the kitchen and at the bar before the waiter even leaves the table. Credit cards can be processed table-side to not only speed up check-out but ensures security as the card stays with the consumer.

New for 2017 – the CPS Air is an IOS for Apple iPad app that takes the entire Point of Sale to the customer on a wireless iPad.  We created an entire new architecture under the hood to make this fast and efficient either via WIFI or cell network.  Included features include customer charges, running a tab, real-time inventory and credit card payments.  Great for use in the Beverage Cart, at remote contact points during large events, in the shop on the customers side of the counter for personalized touch.  Anywhere you can imagine interacting with customers for a sale transaction as long as you have a WIFI or cell signal.  And all integrated in real-time with the rest of the CPS Suite of products.

Your iPod, iPhone, or iPad can now double as a physical inventory computer. With an add-on sled for the barcode scanner you can use your mobile device to perform physical inventory and upload the inventory count to your CPS Inventory system.