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    Online Reservations

One Click – Zero Key Strokes!

That’s all it takes to get a tee time using the all new design of Online Reservations. The user is immediately presented with available times. One Click of the mouse gives the customer ample opportunity to book the time. While others make the golfer jump thru several hoops before showing what they are looking for – a tee time, the CPS system starts with that information so that you don’t frustrate the user on your site.

This Online Reservation Tee Sheet is integrated in real time to your clubs Tee-Sheet. You don’t have to pay a 3rd party for the service and there is no barter to suck the life out of your facility.

Innovative easy to manage auctions to use Revenue Management principles to move both high and low demand times at the best possible price. Special price over-ride to deal with extraordinary circumstances like over-seeding, course repair, poor weather.

Credit card integration to secure deposits or full payment in advance. The ability to show multiple rates on your online reservations and tier price to your customer’s sales classification for discounts when appropriate.