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    Retail Point of Sale, F&B Point of Sale, Credit Card Integration, Inventory, Customer Management, Tee Sheet, Lesson Book,  Online Reservations, Marketing Tools, Reporting and more.  Local install or Cloud architecture with MS-SQL Server and .net technology.  Desktop and Mobile solutions all custom designed specifically for the Golf Business.

    Club Prophet Systems
  • Golf Point of Sale CPS Golf Point of Sale

    Integrate Sales, Customer Accounts, Inventory, Reporting, Tee Times, Online Reservations and Mobile solutions in a Local or Cloud based Architecture.  From single site mom and pop operations to world wide multi-course managed operations, CPS Golf Management Software has a solution for you.

    CPS Golf Point of Sale
  • Starter Hut · Tee Times CPS Starter Hut · Tee Times

    Electronic Tee Sheet for a single course or multi-course and multi-site facilities.  Linked in real-time to the CPS Online Reservations so that you can put Your Tee Times on Your website and company Facebook page.  Built in options for both tee times and golf lessons with every type of setup imaginable including cross-overs, shotgun, and on the hour start times.  Optional links to third party aggregators and integrated email reminders and no-show tracking.

    CPS Golf Tee Sheet
  • Food & Beverage CPS Food & Beverage

    From Beverage Cart to Snack Bar to Casual and Fine Dining, CPS has the Food and Beverage Point of Sale Software for your facility. Table Seating, Staff Time, Service and Gratuity, F&B Minimums, Club, Cash, and Credit Card charges. This F&B system was designed specifically for the unique needs of the golf industry.

    CPS Food and Beverage Point of Sale Software
  • Mobile Applications CPS Mobile Applications

    CPS Mobile solutions include Point of Sale for the Beverage Cart over WiFi or cell networks.  Mobile tablet POS for Retail to get your staff out from behind the counter. Table Side Ordering and Credit Card processing for the wait staff to speed up F&B operations. iPod, iPhone, and iPad sleds for physical inventory with bar code scanner and mobile app for your starter on the first tee to ensure payment and collect emails.

    CPS Mobile Point of Sale Applications

What others say about us

I have entrusted the team at Club Prophet to handle the computer systems for my pro shops at both Oakmont CC and Seminole GC for over 10 years now. I can't imagine going back to the times when I had to worry about my sales, inventory data, and member charges getting over to the club on a daily basis. My staff loves the POS system and the support and service is a model I wish the rest of the industry would copy. These guys are good!

Bob Ford

Director of GolfOakmont CC & Seminole GC

I have always found the staff at Club Prophet System open and willing to accommodate changes I have needed for our unique business. Keep up the innovations and great support!

Nick Mokelke

General ManagerCog Hill Golf Club

From Today's Email Inbox:
On behalf of Ontario Country Club (O.C.C.) I would like to thank Club Prophet POS Systems for the exemplary performance of Technical Rep and Trainer Steve Yusko. Steve met every challenge, both technical or training related, with a professional attitude. Even with the additional workload added, of installing and enabling the Web Server, Steve was able to maintain his schedule and achieve the necessary training with the pro shop and the food and beverage business at O.C.C. The weekend, starting with Friday, April 15, proved that the configuration and training, Steve enabled and provided, were configured and working as needed for the business of O.C.C.

It was a pleasure working with Steve during this busy time at the beginning of the golf season. He made all of those he worked with, feel at ease and confident that everything would be as it was supposed to be and that is what he left us with. Thanks to Steve and Club Prophet POS Systems for the wonderful service provided during the initialization of the new POS systems at O.C.C.

Rich M.

Rich Math  April 22, 2016

From today's CPS email inbox:

Good Day Tom,
I am sending you a quick note to say how much The Golf Club at Devils Tower appreciates the new addition with Club Prophet POS!
Since the week of install by Alex, our staff has been so comfortable training and understanding the system that makes our jobs that much easier.

Alex Cosentino did a tremendous job throughout and should receive many “ Gold “ stars for his efforts ….no doubt.
The support and answered questions since this conversion has been superb. Great job to all and keep it up!

Thanks again to Alex once again for his efforts!!!!…..AWESOME!!!!


Russ Dawson
Membership Director

Russ Dawson  April 7, 2016

From the CPS email Inbox:

I can honestly say in my 20+ years in the industry I have never worked with software (or a company) that is even close to you. Every glitch that I encounter is because of something we have done, not a glitch in the software. I know that sound odd but if you knew the world we lived in prior to this, you would know what I am talking about.

Although we have only been going two months, I am 1000% thrilled with the quality, ease of operation and support we get from you and your team. I would be happy to write a testimonial for your sales team once things slow down a little.

Have an awesome weekend and talk to you soon!


David Robinson
Executive Director of Golf Operations

Silverwing Links Golf Course

David Robinson  April 5, 2016

From the CPS email Inbox:
Glen Kirk just called to say thank you for a job well done! They went live today and are thrilled with the great service every step along the way. He is sending 4 pizzas for everyone involved today!

Glen Kirk  April 5, 2016

From Today's CPS In-box:

I just wanted to let you know how helpful Rich Mottura has been to me since I started with Glen Flora in Nov 2014.

I do call the help desk, but if something I know will take time and some explaining I will e-mail Rich asking for a time he can help me.

Rich has always been very kind, professional, and patient. Rich also goes into detail with why something is done a certain way and how to do it.

Rich has always been there to help me in whenever I have an issue. If he is not available he will forward me to someone that will help and follow up that my issue was resolved.

Today I took 3 ½ hours of his time on a project I could of never done on my own.
Just thought CPS should know what a special employee they have.

Merry Christmas

Thank you

Jeannie Williams
Club Administrative Assistant
Glen Flora Country Club

Jeannie Williams  December 22, 2015
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